Brother Marlon’s Pick Hit of the Week – Jokia – The Father Lives in Us


The music that Jokia writes and sings is true, genuine worship music. When people hear her music, they instantly feel the intense joy of worship that she felt throughout her faith. Believing every word with all of her heart, it’s hard not to walk away from a Jokia song without feeling the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Jokia has brought a fresh new sound to Christian Contemporary Music  today. In a relatively short amount of time, she has invited listeners to engage in worship in a way that few other artists can. She has a gift for singing and songwriting, and is determined to share it with as many people as possible.

And Jokia’s “The Father Lives in Us” is Brother Marlon’s Pick Hit of the Week.

Be Blessed!

And check out Brother Marlon’s exclusive interview with Jokia during GMWA

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