Joel Osteen to Critics: “We Have Not Closed Our Doors” Osteen Now Plans to Open Megachurch to Evacuees

critics accuse the megachurch leader of closing the doors of his massive Lakewood Church to flood victims in the wake of hurricane harvey

Lakewood Church (File Photo)

(SGN) — After facing backlash for closing the doors of his massive Lakewood Church, now Texas pastor Joel Osteen is opening the doors to evacuees from Hurricane Harvey.

According to — It all began on Saturday, when church officials issued a Facebook statement, announcing that the Houston church — which can hold more than 16,000 — is “inaccessible due to severe flooding.” The post raised eyebrows, especially after photos surfaced showing the outside of the church unaffected by the rising flood waters.

A man visited the church during the time of intense flooding in the area and recorded video around the perimeter. He repeatedly said “the church is not closed.” The man challenged the church’s legitimacy for the closure and not allowing people to seek refuge from Hurricane Harvey.

Beyond The Industry

Man Goes to Joel Olsteen Church to prove that he lied when he said he closed the doors due to flood damage. The Church could have been used to help Thousands of people seeking shelter.

As the destructive storm has consumed headlines, many criticized Osteen on social media, calling the man a “con artist” and referring to the church as a “bank.”

Some even came to the pastor’s defense, sharing Twitter photos that appeared to show the church’s flooded basement.

Now Lakewood church officials say they will open the doors to the church.  Posting this on social media:


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